29 Jul 2020

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Energy For Life

All human activities require energy. Energy can be a basic need in the continuation of human life. One of the energy that cannot be left is electricity. Without energy, all human activities will be hampered.

Energy has many types, of the many energies that most humans need is electricity. From homes in slums to luxury housing, all of them use electricity. Electrical energy becomes very important because almost all the equipment we use is sourced from electricity so we become dependent on energy.

From day to day the use of energy will continue to increase along with economic growth and increasing population and the amount of demand to do everything practically makes fossil energy sources increasingly depleting.

Some say, that energy will never run out. However, why is the world currently competing to create alternative energy or new sources of energy. Countries in Europe, for example, are currently using nuclear energy to supply electricity to the homes of their people. In fact, many scientists try to examine urine, fruit peels, organic waste, and so on to be converted into energy. It is all proof that the energy we have been using will gradually run out and we must find a new source of energy to replace that energy so it does not run out.

Energy saving is one way so that energy does not run out quickly and we can feel much longer. It is only natural that we as young people save energy or even find new energy that is better and more durable and utilizes everything that is there to be turned into energy.

Energy is also closely related to nature because a lot of energy is produced from nature. For example petroleum. If we damage nature, it is the same as we destroy energy. If we need energy, we must love nature.

It is not impossible, someday we will find a new source of energy that will not run out other than the sun and water, creating a device that can recycle energy so it does not run out, or someday we will find a tool that can produce large energy.

Source: environment-indonesia.com | hipwee.com